DHS Proposes To Finalize The International Entrepreneur Rule

business-lawyerImmigrants will need the services of an immigration lawyer at some point in their lives. Many immigrants will have a somewhat unstable living situation. Plenty of immigrants might need immigration lawyers in Texas now, given the changing situation regarding the International Entrepreneur Rule.

Understanding The DHS Proposal 

Under the International Entrepreneur Rule, entrepreneurs from outside of the United States were given the opportunity to spend time in the United States legally for the sake of creating new start-up businesses.

Traditionally, entrepreneurs from outside of the United States have needed startup visas to set up new businesses within the United States. Going through the effort of acquiring a startup visa can be difficult. It can cause delays for the immigrants who are interested in starting new businesses shortly. This is a case that some people have made to lawyer referral service professionals in the past.

Timing is everything in the world of business, and the International Entrepreneur Rule can be helpful when it comes to giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their new businesses in a timely manner. Almost any business lawyer will acknowledge that this is the case.

What’s New? 

Given how new the International Entrepreneur Rule is in the first place, it is true that these legal changes will only affect a small number of people as it is. Hiring an immigration lawyer can make all the difference in the world to immigrants in many circumstances, however, and these legal professionals will be able to assist a wide range of different immigrants. The International Entrepreneur Rule will still affect thousands of immigrant entrepreneurs, and it has profound implications regarding the subject of immigrant entrepreneurs in the first place.

It is true that even under the International Entrepreneur Rule, immigrants were in a somewhat unstable situation. The entrepreneurs can only be given temporary parole under these circumstances. It takes time to build and develop a business in the first place, and the situation can get complicated for the entrepreneurs who needed more time in the United States.

However, the International Entrepreneur Rule was able to give immigrant entrepreneurs the opportunity to spend thirty months in the United States. They can also get the parole period extended, giving them the chance to spend another thirty months in the United States. Plenty of people will be able to build up their businesses within that time frame.

In order to benefit from the International Entrepreneur Rule in the first place, immigrant entrepreneurs already needed to have received 250,000 dollars in funding, assuming the funding came from an investor. Getting 100,000 dollars in government grants would also suffice, and some people could have had the opportunity to receive both of these sources of funding. Given how substantial these sources of funding are, it’s clear that the stakes are high under these circumstances.

Now What? 

People who have been counting on the International Entrepreneur Rule will be in a unique situation. Immigrant entrepreneurs who were interested in benefiting from the International Entrepreneur Rule to begin with may already have been in the process of getting their sources of funding lined up, and now their future is uncertain. Working with legal services that specialize in immigration law could be tremendously helpful for the immigrant entrepreneurs who are trying to find a resolution of some sort. Contact Austin LRS to get more valuable information on this complicated subject.

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