Do I Need a Lawyer When Selling My Home?

Do I need a Lawyer When Selling My Home | Austin LRSSelling a home is a scenario which is can be tricky. Many people consider this transaction as a significant financial activity because it involves a large sum of money over a long period of time. Therefore, it needs to be smooth to avoid unnecessary mistakes that will lead to future regrets. Having a lawyer assist you when selling your home is very beneficial.

It is advisable to have a real estate lawyer before engaging any other person concerning the sale of your house. For example, you may need a realtor. A realtor is a licensed member of state and local association who automatically subscribe to the codes of ethics. He will professionally help you with the knowledge about the market.  A real estate lawyer may help seal the deal between you and the realtor, which is when your home will be officially on sale. A lawyer can help you go through the contract you have with the realtor which includes the percentage of the commission he or she will get after the sale.

Selling of a home starts with a contract which can make sense with the help of a lawyer. It is advisable to go see a lawyer before you start any business with the buyer. If you decide to draft a contract on your own, you will still need advice from the lawyer to ensure that the draft is within the laws of the state and county. Otherwise, it is advisable to contact a lawyer to draft a contract on your behalf.

A real estate lawyer may also help you with the purchase price and the right closing dates. He can explain the do’s and don’ts during the sale process. He will be able to explain to you the terms before and after the closing, whether to move out before or after the close of the deal. Your rights as the seller will also be explained under the same contract. These will help you understand the contract and know what you are getting yourself into.

An attorney will ensure all your interests and rights as the seller during the whole transaction is protected. They have had a multitude of experiences from the former clients who had issues after the sale, and there is a possibility of sealing all the loopholes which can cause problems in the future. Therefore, consulting them will help to minimize crisis or rather help solve a crisis. The real estate attorney will ensure that he or she reads the purchase agreement. This way the buyer will have little against you because all the glitches would have been rectified.

By hiring a lawyer, you will ease issues with the important documents such as: title insurance policy, loan documents of the mortgage, property survey, and any legal descriptions that you may not understand. Being that all these documents are important to ensure the success in the sale of a home, it is important to seek advice with real estate lawyer who will carefully review and understand each document before they are signed.

Your attorney will ensure that during the closing of the sale, he or she has reviewed every document with you and explained everything. This will enable you to have a knowledge of the whole procedure before you sign. The attorney will also make sure that the county and state laws are all met before the home is put on the market. He will also help you when acquiring the title insurance of the house.

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