What To Do If You Are Facing Deportation For Illegal Immigration

illegal immigrationTo first understand your rights as a migrant, it is essential to recognize the deportation and removal proceedings, and how they directly affect you. The leading office of immigration enforcement is Immigration and Customs Enforcement – or ICE. Peripheral matters like application processing are primarily handled by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. For recent migrants who are going through the court proceedings, they may defend themselves and establish a case via the Executive Office for Immigration Review. These are agencies that will benefit you if you get familiar, with our referred immigration lawyer being resources for further guidance.

Who Gets Removed From the United States? 

When most people conjure images of deportation, they often think of people who have crossed the US border illegally, or have overstayed their allocated time on a temporary visa. However, they are not the only individuals who can be deported. Any non-citizen who violates the terms of their permit can be removed from the country – this includes tourists or a student who failed to pursue a full-time course of study. Also, a green card holder can be removed if they do infringe on immigration laws.

What to do if You’re Facing Deportation for Illegal Immigration?

Non-citizens have the right to an immigration lawyer and are protected under the U.S. Constitution. The 5th amendment and the 14th amendment protects everyone – including legal or illegal immigrants – from deprivation of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.

If you’re faced with deportation, do not sign anything that you aren’t entirely familiar with. Immigration authorities cannot just deport someone without giving them the chance to be heard or without due process. However, authorities may try to expedite the process by asking the person to sign something agreeing to removal without a proper hearing. If you genuinely believe that you have the right to remain in the United States, then insist on your right to an immigration lawyer and a hearing on the merits of your case.

An immigration lawyer will help you to fill out the proper paperwork and move through the bureaucratic process with as efficiently as possible. You might be frustrated, and perhaps terrified of the process – however, an immigration lawyer is seasoned by experience, and will make sure that you do not fall into any legal pitfalls that can sink your case.

An attorney will determine whether the charges against you by United States Department of Homeland Security are viable, and if there are any particular circumstance in your life that would warrant defending your extradition. An attorney can help explain that the charges against you are false, show that you’re an actual US citizen, demonstrate that you qualify for asylum, or ask immigration judges to grant you a green card because of an immediate relative that is a US citizen.

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