Have You Been Sued By A Debt Collector? Learn How A Consumer Lawyer Can Help!

Debt Collector & Consumer LawyerLawsuits are often used for efficient debt collection. A suit begins when a creditor files a complaint with a state civil court listing you as a defendant, along with any cosigners to the debt. The charge will note why the creditor is suing you, what it means to you, as well as defining the total amount owed, plus any associated fees and interests. The debt collector will then notify you of the lawsuit. This “serving” means that a copy of the complaint is delivered to you, typically by mail. It will have all the pertinent information about when and how you can file a formal response, as well as the date for the hearing. If the person being sued doesn’t attend the hearing, the judge will be able to file a default judgment. This enables the creditor to secure monies owed either by garnishing your wages, placing a lien against your property, or freeze part of your money in your bank account. Therefore, it is imperative that you respond to a summons strategically and efficiently.

Debt Collector Laws in Texas

Texas typically only gives you a window of a couple of weeks to file an answer to the lawsuit or risk having a judgment against you. This puts a spotlight in getting contact with a consumer lawyer as soon as possible after being served.

What to Do If A Debt Collector Is Suing You?

Once you are served, the time to respond to the summons begin, with the most cases in Texas allotting you 20 to 30 days to file a response. It’s important to note that the lawsuit will move forward without you. The judge will determine if the defendant – which is you – owe the money for the debt and if so, how much. If you don’t respond, the judge will not consider any reasons for debt rebuttal or your side of the story. A response by you and a consumer lawyer will help fight the validity of the debt, and how much it is worth.

The Benefit of a Consumer Lawyer

One of the benefits of a consumer lawyer is that they will enable you to expedite your side of the lawsuit. Once you’re served, it is vital to act quickly but also ensure that the bureaucratic process doesn’t penalize you. Contact a consumer lawyer immediately to discuss your lawsuit and whether defending the suit will be in your best interests.

A consumer lawyer can help argue the validity of the debt and request proper documentation to connect the debt to you. Many factors can help you refute debts, like your state’s statue limitations for collections, adequate documentation in part of the debt collector, and your stance when fighting the debt. Many lawsuits can be intimidating with debt collectors hoping that you don’t appear in court prepared. However, armed with a consumer lawyer, you’ll be perceived as someone who is ready and willing to move forward with the lawsuit with strategy on your side.

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