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Collaborative Divorce Lawyer in austinHere’s What You Need to Know

Sometimes a marriage just doesn’t work out despite everyone’s best efforts. While most people think divorces are filled with acrimony, lengthy legal battles, and emotional stress—it does not have to be that way. Fortunately, there are divorce attorneys in Austin that practice collaborative law who help lead a divorce to a civil end of a marriage.


A collaborative divorce attorney is there to help you and your spouse avoid having to go to court by working towards a peaceful settlement that works for both parties. This is a voluntary process, from both spouses, in which a binding contract is signed to initiate the collaborative process. It is an amicable way to handle things that sets the tone for peaceful relations after the divorce is finalized. This avoids the stress that may come from a drawn out divorce, especially if there are kids and property involved.

If you think this route will work for you, there are a few questions or things to know about your collaborative divorce attorney in Austin. When you meet with your potential attorney, ask what type of collaborative law training the divorce attorney has had, if any.  A divorce attorney has to go through specific collaborative law training to practice this area of family law. Going through the proper training will help when it comes time to use the right negotiation skills and techniques within the divorce case. It is especially helpful to have gone through mediation services which will help in dispute resolution situations. Ask your attorney about previous experience they have had, both in terms of training and past cases. Even though all parties are entering the process with the best of intentions, it still helps to have an experienced guiding hand ensure a smooth outcome.

Even though this all sounds great, it’s helpful to have all of the information you can to make sure that a collaborative divorce is right for you. Ask your attorney about the benefits of this approach, specifically for the situation that you and your spouse are in. Make sure that you and your spouse are willing to compromise and negotiate with each other, helping you retain more control over your divorce and its proceedings.

Though cases involving child custody can often be more complicated, they can be handled via a collaborative approach. An attorney with greater experience will have a better understand of how to navigate this issue, including making recommendations that will be amenable to both sides. This can provide a healthier situation for your child/ren as well.

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