How to Find a Divorce Lawyer?

Finding an Austin Divorce Attorney

Finding an Austin divorce lawyer doesn’t have to be complicated here at Austin LRS we make your life easier by helping you find the best lawyer for your situation we have vetted every attorney that we work with to get the lawyer for your situation. Here are the steps you need to take to find a divorce attorney in Austin, Texas but don’t forget at Austin LRS we can make your life easier by doing these steps for you.

Get References from Previous ClientsCollaborative Divorce Lawyer in austin

References are essential because they help you determine if you want to hire one divorce attorney over the other. You may have relatives, friends or coworkers who have gotten divorced with a favorable outcome. The divorce process is often long and drawn out, and you’ll need a highly qualified Austin divorce lawyer to see you through every step of the process.

Areas of Expertise

Divorce is a broad spectrum, and many attorneys specialize in different aspects of divorce law, such as family, property law, and other instances. You need to find a family law lawyer that provides insight into the divorce services you need. The more your lawyer knows, the better they can help you.


Rates are important, whether you are on a strict budget or not. When you are looking for the best divorce attorney, keep in mind the best one won’t have the highest prices or the lowest prices. Many lawyers require a retainer and a few different forms of documentation before they agree to represent you.


Communicating with your attorney is the sole foundation of your case. You need to find a lawyer who is readily available and not swamped with other cases. Regardless of how good a divorce lawyer is, they are human, and they can get overwhelmed. You need to look for a lawyer who is ready to look at your case and determine if they are willing to take it on.

Personal Feelings

If you get a feeling, a specific lawyer will not be able to meet your needs, trust your instincts. There’s nothing worse than disregarding your gut feeling, only to regret your decision later on down the line. You need to get to know your lawyer and their ways of approaching different cases that pertain to divorce. Ask questions and look for detailed answers about their experience, expertise, and people they have represented that had cases that are similar to yours.

Lawyer Referral Service

The Advantage of working with Austin LRS, is that we have personally vetted every lawyer that we work with, because of this we have real working knowledge of every lawyer in the area. With this insight we can help you skip all the hassle and find the lawyer that is perfect for your specific case.

Instead of going through these steps on your own to find an Austin divorce lawyer, allow us to help you. At our Lawyer Referral Service, we do the grunt work for you. Contact us today to find the perfect divorce lawyer in Austin.

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