Questions to Ask Your Lawyer

Firstly, excellent legal representation is critical in any court case. Losing a case can have serious consequences, such as spending years behind bars or sinking into financial turmoil. Searching for the best lawyer to represent is no small task. Austin LRS is a lawyer referral service in Austin, Texas that has an excellent reputation for connecting clients with outstanding lawyers. Below are six of the top questions we ensure our lawyers can answer in the quest to find your perfect match.

How Long Have You Practiced Law?

Knowing the extent of your lawyer’s legal expertise is very important. Law, as a profession is complex. A seasoned lawyer often gives you your best shot at a favorable outcome. At Austin LRS, we have contacts with some of the most experienced lawyers that money can get.

Have You Represented Anyone Like Me Before?

Different lawyers specialize in various legal issues. If your case is on child adoption, approaching a corporate finance lawyer will not bring the best result, but getting an adoption lawyer will. Also, you don’t want to have a lawyer who’s a rookie to your circumstance. At Austin LRS, we hand-pick the lawyer best suited to meet your needs.

How Much Will These Sessions Cost?

You need to find out if you can afford your lawyer by knowing how much they charge for a session, and what other fees involved specific to your case. Expenses often include court filing fees, research services, or any other charges that may arise. Our lawyers serve you at a budget-friendly cost with a free preliminary consultation.

What Kind of Communication Do You Prefer?

Lawyer-client communication is vital in the course of legal representation. You might get frustrated if your lawyer only responds to emails and you find phone conversations more comfortable. Poor communication can have severe implications for your case. Our lawyers are open to a range of communication channels and are ready to come up with an arrangement that is best for you.

Do You Have Any Testimonials or Reviews?

Most clients post reviews on lawyers after obtaining their services. These reviews can either be positive or negative. It’s crucial to find out what other clients who’ve used your prospective lawyer’s services think through these testimonials or reviews. Our website has excellent reviews and testimonials directly from the clients we’ve connected with renowned lawyers.

Can You Promise Me Honesty, Transparency & Professionalism?

Most lawyers understand the kind of questions asked in the courtroom, the necessary evidence, and the type of witnesses you should seek out. At Austin LRS, we guarantee to connect you with lawyers who are honest, ask relevant questions, give you updates, and are transparent about the state of your court proceedings. Our lawyers handle each of our clients professionally, regardless of the type of case or its chances of succeeding.

Austin LRS focuses on delivering the right legal representation to our clients at all times. We understand the above questions are fundamental to you, and we put them at the forefront of our minds and professional code every day. We listen to you and pick the lawyer best suited for your case. Your preliminary meeting with your lawyer is free of charge, and you’ll have plenty of time to address any concerns. Contact us today ans we’ll set up your free consultation.

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