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Reliable Lawyer Referral Service in Austin, Texas

When you have a legal issue, the Lawyer Referral Service is committed to helping you connect with qualified and experienced attorneys in the Austin, Texas area. We are certified by the State Bar of Texas and approved by the American Bar Association. We are a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to make justice accessible and affordable for those with legal issues. For more than 50 years, we have been committed to helping individuals make the right decisions when looking for lawyers, legal resources, or community services in the Austin, TX area.

Why Choose LRS?

Personal Service

When you call the Lawyer Referral Service, friendly staff will review your legal issues to determine the best course of action. Sometimes you might not need a lawyer. We will help you determine your next steps.

Rich Network of Lawyers

Our service has around 220 lawyers who practice in more than 50 areas of law. Each lawyer must submit proof of their experience in their respective practice areas. Most of the lawyers in our network have at least a decade of experience to back their credentials.

Comprehensive Screening

To help you hire the most competent professionals, we screen our panel members every year to ensure they’re in-sync with the developments in their fields of specialization. All attorneys in our network are in good standing with the State Bar of Texas.

Affordable Fee

At LRS, we believe that money must not be an impediment when it comes to finding and hiring a lawyer, which is why we charge a nominal fee of $20 for up to 30 minutes on your first consultation with a lawyer. We also offer a free consultations for Personal Injury, Criminal law, Workers’ Comp, Social Security Disability appeals, and Bankruptcy.

  • Testimonials

    Thank you so much for your assistance and for the referral to this lawyer. I did decide to hire him to resolve my issue. I met with him yesterday and am very satisfied with his level of knowledge and expertise in this area. Your service proved to be extremely helpful and efficient.


  • Testimonials

    I would like to thank you for the referral you provided to me. I had two false starts with other lawyers, 18 months had slipped by without any real progress. In frustration, I contacted you and you gave me his name. They took my case and handled it professionally, efficiently, and effectively, and we prevailed! I really appreciate your lead to them. I am very happy and would recommend highly this lawyer. Thanks again.


  • Testimonials

    I actually just met with the lawyer earlier this week, and it was great. He gave me the advice I needed, and I was good to go. Your service is awesome, especially for new businesses like myself that just need some quick, affordable advice. Thanks.


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