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The Lawyer Referral Service of Central Texas (LRS) is committed to serving our community by providing legal information and events on issues that may be important. Below we list a sampling of some of the services we provide to the public.

LegalLineLegal Line

On the first Tuesday of every month, obtaining good, simple legal advice is easy! Just call (512) 472-8303 for LegalLine, the free legal advice hotline. Phones are answered between 5:30 PM and 7:30 PM. This is offered only once a month.

LegalLine is sponsored by LRS and is staffed by attorney volunteers who answer legal questions and give brief, legal advice. We answer questions concerning many areas of law, including the following:

Calls are completely confidential and anonymous. Attorney who are bilingual (English/Spanish) are also available.

LRS also hosts The Arts LegalLine with friends from the Texas Accountants & Lawyers for the Arts (TALA), which will answer questions relating to the arts, entertainment (musicians, artists, authors), and business entrepreneurs.

Please see below for The Arts LegalLine dates.

2022 LegalLine Dates:

FAQs about LegalLine

What types of questions do you answer?

General legal questions dealing with most areas of the law. If there is no attorney available to answer your particular question, we will find someone to return your call.

Who will I be talking to?

You will talk to an attorney volunteer licensed in the State of Texas.

If I like the attorney, may I hire him or her to help me?

Yes. If the attorney decides you need further assistance and they have experience with your type of legal issue, the lawyer you are talking to will arrange a referral through our program. We will follow up with you on the following day with more information.

Will the attorney be able to answer my question?

The attorney will do his or her best to either answer your question or point you in the direction you need to go to get an answer (e.g., retain an attorney or give you the number of an agency that may help). Legal issues come in all shapes and sizes, and LegalLine is intended only to provide assistance to common or general legal questions. If your matter concerns complex matters or facts, you may need to talk to a lawyer in person.

How long do calls last?

Volunteer attorneys keep the calls as short as possible so that LegalLine can help as many people as possible. However, the length of calls varies depending on complexity. If you cannot get through due to high call volume, please be patient. You might hang up and call later in the evening. If you end up in the voicemail system, we will try to have a lawyer call you back that evening.

Can I pay to talk with the attorney for a longer period of time?

Not during LegalLine. If you require further assistance, you may wish to call the LRS the next business day.

LegalLine is a public service program of the Lawyer Referral Service of Central Texas. Call us for free legal advice!


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