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Austin Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) of Central Texas, Inc. is a nonprofit service that provides a trusted sources for Austin area attorney searches. All attorneys on our panel go through yearly screening. We refer you to experienced lawyers whose experience is verified. We do not refer “favorites” or give referrals based on age, gender, race, or religion. LRS meets the high standards of the American Bar Association and all participating attorneys are insured and in good standing with the State Bar of Texas. The service has over 220 lawyers practicing in over 50 areas of law, with an average of over 10 years’ experience in their respective fields.

How Does It Work?

LRS has a team of referral counselors to help you find help with your legal needs either by finding an experienced lawyer or other community service. We can provide general information about the legal process and local organization that may be able to help. When you contact the Referral Service, the trained staff will ask questions about your legal issues to determine how best to assist you. We will gather your contact information, which remains confidential. Referrals are based on the area of law in which you need assistance, the location you prefer, and the language you speak.

During the first consultation with the lawyer, you will discuss your legal issues, options available, and the costs involved if you hire the lawyer. You are not obligated to hire the lawyer and the lawyer, too, has the right to reject your case. The first meeting is a meet and greet—a time for you to evaluate the lawyer’s expertise and decide if you want proceed with your legal issue.

To request a referral, contact us by phone or online.

By Phone

(512) 472-8303 or toll-free at (866) 303-8303

Monday – Friday, CST, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM


Fill out our confidential, private online request form.*

*Formulario de solicitud en línea en español.

What Does It Cost?

The first consultation with an attorney is free of charge for up to 30 minutes. The consultation may be subject to additional fees if it goes beyond 30 minutes. If you need more than one referral to find the right lawyer, we can help with that.

All our lawyers charge for their services. We do not set a limit on the fees attorneys charge beyond the initial consultation. The Lawyer Referral Service does not have any free or pro bono lawyers. Be sure to discuss the costs involved and request a written fee agreement to avoid confusion over the cost of legal fees.

NOTE: If you choose to hire the lawyer, you will agree in writing on what the lawyer will do for you and what you will pay for the service. Be sure to get your agreement in writing and that you understand that contract BEFORE you sign it.

Need Help Finding a Lawyer?

If you need an expert’s guidance to search legal assistance in Texas, make the right call for the right lawyer by calling (512) 472-8303. You can also submit an online request by filling out our contact form, and one of our representatives will get back with you as quickly as possible.


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