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When you need a lawyer but are unsure of where to begin, get in touch with us. We are a telephone service that offers the opportunity to talk to a counselor who can help offer solutions during a time that may be upsetting and stressful.

Although you may receive a referral via email by completing the referral request form anytime 24/7, we encourage you to talk to our staff. We may be able to offer solutions or alternatives to hiring a lawyer.

If you request and receive a referral to a lawyer through our Online Referral Service, you are entitled to an initial consultation of up to 30 minutes for a fee of $20. Be prepared to pay the lawyer at the time of the consultation. Any additional fees must be arranged between you and the lawyer. We do not set limits on fees charged beyond the initial consultation. The Lawyer Referral Service does not offer pro bono or free attorneys—all of our attorneys charge for their services. We are usually able to reply to your request within one business day.

All information provided will be treated as confidential communications made for the purpose of facilitating a referral. We will preserve the confidentiality of all information unless otherwise required by law.

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