DTPA Laundry List of Offences: Part 2

The law protects people from unfair business practices. For instance, a company can’t misrepresent their products or services in their advertising. They can’t use other deceptive business practices either, in accordance with the Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA) of course. Despite these consumer protections, some companies flout the law. When this happens, you should immediately hire an attorney to protect your rights.

About the DTPA

As mentioned in the previous article, the DTPA ensures a business can’t falsify information regarding the ingredients or quality of its product. In addition, a company can’t mislead customers by providing confusing information. Therefore, a business must always use clear, concise, and accurate details. The law safeguards consumers from wasting money and receiving unsatisfactory products. It even protects other businesses from the competition falsifying information.

History of the DTPA

Texas created this law in the early 1970s. By the end of the 1980s, the government recognized deficits in the regulations and altered the act. Since then, the law underwent a few reforms that enhanced the act. For example, in 1995, the legislature included an amendment specifically regarding wholesale items. It also gave defendants extra opportunities to settle. This change made it easier for complainants to recover awarded money. In 2003, the law changed once again, but it strengthened the laws to shield customers and businesses.

Reselling Products

Businesses must be honest about the nature of their products. If the items they’re selling are not new, this must be clear. Companies may only represent goods as new or original if they actually are new. The product can’t have deterioration or be reclaimed or used if a business is selling a product as new. It isn’t illegal to refurbish items and sell them, but the company must indicate they refurbished the products.

Negativity Toward Other Businesses

A company can’t spread misleading or false facts about another company. This particular aspect of the DTPA protects businesses from other businesses. For instance, a business owner can’t claim the goods from another company cause a harmful reaction. They also can’t fabricate the product’s ingredients. Additionally, a company can’t slander a company’s product by saying it doesn’t work as advertised.

DTPA and Supply

If a company advertises a product, it must have a reasonable supply of stock to fulfill expected demand. The only way companies can get around this is by stating that quantities are limited. Even then, there may be occasions when this isn’t enough.

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