How to Survive the Holidays During a Divorce

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If this is your first Christmas separated, you’re beginning divorce proceedings, or your divorce is already finalized, how you handle it will set a tone for the holidays to follow. Finding a Texas divorce attorney to mediate every holiday may be difficult, but there are plenty of ways for each person to reach civil and negotiable agreements to help survive the holidays during a divorce.  
Divorced and with children? Well, you’re never entirely divorced, especially over the holidays. Take the ordinary coordinating of schedules, discipline and possible winter illness, and add family events, cooking and shopping for large groups of people, parties, long drives, and pour on some financial stress and you have all of the makings of a divorced Christmas. It’s what you do with this kinetic energy that will leave you either emotionally zapped or feeling like a confident co-parent.

1. Be realistic with each other.

It may be difficult to find a divorce lawyer during the holidays, so filing for divorce may have to be placed on hold. Avoiding conflicts with your spouse may feel impossible but acknowledging that it will happen and taking each day one at a time will help in easing stress on both you and your children.

2. Being apart may be the best option.

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, divorce may not be possible. Spouses can opt instead to get a marriage separation agreement, where the couple is still legally married but may live separately and have space and time to think over what the next step is in their relationship. This can be an effective alternative that would be less thorough and less tough than filing for divorce, especially during the holidays. 

3. Collaborative divorce can ease the stress of holidays.

If you and your ex-spouse are on good terms, a collaborative divorce may be the appropriate choice. A divorce settlement agreement can be generally faster, less stressful, and helps in avoiding any expensive litigation that can occur during a traditional divorce. Having this planned accordingly may limit the stress of custody, moving, and more during the hectic holiday season. 

4. Learn from this year and start planning for next year.

After everything is said and done and you’ve brought in 2019, chat with your ex-spouse about how effective your schedule and communication strategy was this year. What can you agree to carry over to next year and what needs to change? Make sure to write it down and both agree on the final decision. A divorce attorney can also sometimes help in providing modifications or provisions in holiday visitation, which could prove useful when trying to plan ahead for years to come. 

5. Remember: this holiday is not only about you.

While you should take some time for yourself, remember that 2019 is right around the corner. Dedicate yourself to your family, the kids, or a charity you love because sometimes refocusing on a more significant cause does a lot for repairing the spirit.
We understand the instinct of the newly separated or divorced to avoid the holidays, but we know that with some strategy, communication, and creativity, you’ll look forward to the holidays moving ahead. If you need to find a Texas lawyer to talk to or if you need more advice before the holidays arrive, contact Lawyer Referral Service of Central Texas. We can help you be prepared and face the holiday season with the best family lawyer for your situation.

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