What Do I Do if my Car Insurance Claim Was Denied?

After a car accident, a person should make a claim against the other person’s insurance company. They will want to seek a fair insurance claim settlement for any medical bills or lost wages. A denied insurance claim can come as a surprise to someone who feels they weren’t at fault, but denial isn’t a dead end.

Why Insurance Companies Might Deny a Car Insurance ClaimThis image is showing a car after a car wreck.

Insurance company policies can often turn into a claim denial for various reasons. Some people don’t know how to file a car insurance claim properly. That alone can lead to a denial, but there are several reasons besides.

A lack of adequate coverage

The other person may not have enough insurance to cover the damages in the amount you need or ask for. The insurance may offer a lower amount, up to their client’s limit, or the company may flat-out deny the claim.

An uninsured type of accident

The other driver may not have the right type of car insurance to cover the accident they were involved in. Different categories of accidents can have different types of coverage. If the other driver doesn’t have the right coverage, the insurance company can deny the claim.

Too much fault

The insurance company may determine the claimant holds some, most, or all the fault for the accident. This situation can vary as different states have different fault laws.

For example, in Texas, comparative fault rules can allow someone to hold a percentage of fault. A determination that the claimant holds most or all fault for the accident can mean a denial.

Various other reasons for a claim denial exist. The insurance company or its adjuster will let the claimant know why they denied the claim. It’s very important the claimant read that reason carefully.

What You Can Do If You Receive a Car Insurance Claim Denial

A claim denial isn’t the end of the story and can still lead to a car accident insurance claim settlement. When an insurance company denies a claim, the claimant can usually counter or appeal it.

If disputing the claim isn’t going anywhere, or the insurance company won’t budge, then the claimant can file a lawsuit. Sometimes, the threat of a lawsuit can help with negotiations, but not always. However, disputing a claim or filing a lawsuit isn’t something someone should attempt on their own.

Having legal help at the very beginning of the process can help someone navigate the process without the insurance company taking advantage of them. This is especially true for those who don’t know how to file a car insurance claim.

Claimants should consider a lawyer essential if they find their claim denial was in error or not in good faith. Still, a personal injury claim requires a lawyer who knows how to navigate a car accident insurance claim settlement.

Finding the right lawyer is of the utmost importance for someone who wants to give their car insurance claim the best possible chance. Austin LRS can help people gain a free consultation with the right lawyer for their specific situation. To learn more or to get your instant lawyer referral right now, contact Austin LRS immediately.

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