5 Steps to Finding the Right Attorney

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It can be challenging to find a Texas lawyer if you do not know much about the legal field. You may be worried about their legal ability, their track record of success, and even how much fees they charge for their services. Finding a Texas lawyer is quite straightforward: assess the lawyer’s legal ability by interviewing him or her. Most lawyers may offer a free or low-cost consultation time allotment when you can introduce your legal need.

Follow these steps to finding an attorney in Texas:

Ask for Referrals from Friends & Family

This is the easiest way to find a Texas attorney for your legal services. Your friends or family members may have been through a similar situation and therefore can direct you to the lawyer they used that may help you sort the legal issue. They also know a lot about their lawyer’s demeanor, competency level, practice habits, ethics, and reputation. They may even help you to locate affordable lawyers in Austin. If you do not know of any lawyer who can help you and you don’t want to disclose information to friends or family, then the best way to identify an attorney fit for your case is the Lawyer Referral Service of Central Texas (LRS).

Conduct a License Check

The public may confirm with the state’s disciplinary agency about the current status of the lawyer’s license to practice. This should be done before hiring the lawyer for your legal needs. In Texas, you may do so by searching the lawyer’s name on the State Bar of Texas website.

You may also review the ratings of the lawyer by his peers and/or previous clients on certain websites. Peer review ratings offer a picture of a lawyer’s professional ability and ethical standards. You can easily conclude on the viability of the Texas attorney before even approaching him or her.

Be Aware of the Lawyer’s Office

You can learn more about a lawyer by visiting their offices. Are the offices neat, and are the support staff friendly and helpful?

Watch for mistakes such as untidiness, unhappy staff members, or even empty offices. This will help determine if the lawyer is well with tending to clients and clients’ files, a characteristic of organizational skills and attention to detail.

Check on the Legal Fees

It is not true that the most expensive lawyer is the best lawyer to hire for your legal services. If you cannot afford the legal fees charged by the lawyer who you were referred to, then leave them and look for one whose prices are more comparable to what you can afford. If you cannot afford a lawyer, ask LRS Staff what type of local resources are available for either no cost, pro bono, or reduced legal fees.

Check for Delivery Time of the Legal Work

Before you hire a Texas attorney, one of your screening questions to the lawyer should be an idea on the time frame within which he or she expects to complete the legal project. Even though it is impossible to give the exact date, they can approximate based on previous similar legal procedures.

Items You Need to Prepare Before Hiring a Lawyer

You need to provide all the documents relating to the case to your lawyer. If you are unsure which documents are needed, simply ask the lawyer’s office at the time you schedule your consultation. An example, if it is about a corporation, then you can bring your tax compliance certificates, contracts, and other relevant documents.

If you are unsure how to begin in getting the right Texas attorney, call the Lawyer Referral Service in Austin to check for the lawyers available for the type of case that you have. Our lawyers are in good standing, insured and vetted, an initial screening process is already done for you, by us. Contact our helpful intake staff to further guide you. We service the local Austin area, including Hays, Williamson, and Bastrop counties.

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