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Real estate lawyers are professionals that specialize in property-related matters. They help settle property disputes and take care of the legal aspect of buying or selling your home. They also have the expertise to handle documents such as deeds and mortgages, they are also equipped to settle property disputes between tenants and landlords.

Lawyer Referral Service of Central Texas (LRS) in Austin, Texas can help resolve disputes between a tenant and landlord. As a tenant in Texas, you have a right to consult an Austin Tx real estate lawyer should you feel that you have been wronged.

Security Deposits

As a tenant, you have the right to your security deposit 30 days after you leave the premises, assuming you have provided the landlord with a written forwarding address. Holding your security deposit longer than 30 days is illegal provided you have followed all the terms of your legal agreement. If the landlord withholds part or all of the security deposit, they have to provide written notice and invoice showing the reason why it has been withheld—this, too, has to be done within 30 days. Tenants may be able to sue landlords if they believe they have unjustly been denied. Security deposits are one of the most common issues between landlords and tenants in the U.S.

Required Disclosures

In many cases, landlords are required to disclose information such as details about security deposits, hidden fees, move-in checklists, utility arrangements, and maintenance arrangements. Other issues such as health hazards, smoking regulations, or recent room flooding or damage must be disclosed to tenants.

Landlords must also disclose, either orally or in writing, any hidden aspects of the property such as mold or asbestos. Failure of the landlord to disclose information may lead tenants to financial compensation if they incurred losses as a result of the failure to disclose. Several nondisclosure statutes can carry hefty fines. Consult a Texas real estate attorney if you have any doubts about your living situation.

Right to Repairs

It is not suggested that a tenant in Texas refuse to pay rent if they feel the landlord has neglected an essential repair. Tenants have the responsibility to request for repairs in writing. Landlords have the responsibility to repair the property issue if they have been notified and if it is a health hazard for the tenants. For example, a broken heater is a safety issue and a tenant is entitled to live in a safe dwelling.

Eviction Rules

In Texas, an eviction is a removal of a tenant or their possessions from the owner or landlord’s property. The landlord may evict you for non-payment of rent or for a violation of the lease agreement. A landlord must give the tenant at least three days to vacate the rental premises unless otherwise specified on the lease, this has to be in written notice form.

What a Lawyer Can Do for You

An Austin, TX lawyer can professionally assess your unique situation to see if your tenants’ rights are protected. As a resident of Texas, you have certain rights that a real estate lawyer can help you claim. Find out more about legal representation in central Texas.

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