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Fight with an Accident Attorney | Austin LRSYou may not be in the mood for a sobering statistic, but here it is anyway — August is the most dangerous month on the road. How dangerous? According to Nationwide Mutual Insurance, 60,976 accidents were reported in August 2016. Of those accidents, 26 percent of them resulted in fatalities.

August might seem like an odd month to be uniquely dangerous, but simply put: more cars are on the road. People are either coming back from vacation or using the last few weeks before school starts to take one. In addition, schools opening back up means drivers must adjust to stopping buses and fluctuating speed zones.

This is particularly important for those that live in states with strict school bus laws. For example, in Arkansas, you have to stop for a school bus even if you’re on the opposite side of the road. In Missouri, school bus drivers have the authority to report driving violations to an officer. Away from school zones and buses, it’s important to know your general road laws. In Texas, motorcyclists should have their headlights on even during the daytime to increase visibility.     

The information age offers handy solutions when it comes to prevention, be it updates of traffic conditions, or keeping you aware of speed limits all along your route. However, accidents happen, which makes treatment just as critical as prevention. We know a lot about how to stay safe inside the car. We know to wear the seat belt, because it reduces the risk of death by 45 percent.

But what happens when we still need protection outside of it? What’s the legal version of wearing a seat belt?   


Protecting Yourself from Personal Injury

Most of us aren’t familiar with the law, so the natural instinct for people that are injured is to get medical help and move on. However, many accidents involve at least one party’s negligence. And that careless behavior often results in lost wages, pain, and loss in quality of life. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that US citizens lose $277 billion annually in car accidents. That’s a lot of money, and it’s often money you can get back.

In Texas, you can find a lawyer to do exactly that. Austin Lawyer Referral Service allows you to hire a personal injury Texas lawyer for your potential claim. These claims include automobile accidents, wrongful death, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, and truck wrecks. If somebody’s negligence has cost you, Austin LRS provides a free consultation that can supply you your own personal injury attorney.

Not only is the consultation free, but your first meeting with an accident attorney is also free. In addition, you are never under any obligation to hire the lawyers referred to by Austin LRS if you feel it is not a right fit.


Why a Lawyer Referral Service in the First Place?

Since most of us aren’t familiar with the law outside of our favorite courtroom dramas, how do you know where to start? According to the National Center for Access to Justice, we don’t even know the first step: for example, two-thirds of all those involved in a lawsuit show up to court without a lawyer. We simply don’t know what questions to ask a lawyer, and so we don’t seek them out.

Austin LRS fixes this problem by having an intake staff that reviews your legal issue, and finds a legal solution by pointing you in the right direction. Within that review, you will find out what exactly your legal options are, and any potential costs to hiring a lawyer if that ends up being the best option for your needs.

Austin LRS makes finding a lawyer for your claim as easy as putting on a seat belt so that you’re safe even when you’re not on the road.  

If you know someone in need of legal assistance, or you yourself need an accident attorney in Austin or areas near Austin, click here for an instant referral. Let us help you.

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