Intellectual Property

Protecting Your Creations

Intellectual property law helps secure your inventions, designs, and artistic works. Under this law, your intellectual property is protected by a trademark, copyright, or a patent registration.

  • Trademark: a recognizable sign, design, or symbol that distinguishes a product from other similar products (an original logo designed for a company).
  • Copyright: exclusive rights to the creator to use and distribute original works of authorship of literary works (poetry, novels, plays, songs).
  • Patent: exclusive rights to the creator for an invention of a product or a new way of doing something.

When Do I Need an Intellectual Property Lawyer?

Whether you are an author, musician, scientist, or artist, you may need an intellectual property lawyer to review your creation and file the appropriate protection documents. If you are writing a book, a copyright lawyer may help you with matters relating to copyright your original work. When negotiating with a media company, you may want to talk to a trademark attorney to protect your name and image. A patent attorney, on the other hand, can help you secure the concept of a machine, technological improvement, or any new product.

Conversely, a seasoned intellectual property lawyer can assist in an infringement case as well. Infringement is the use of original works protected by a copyright, trademark, or patent without permission.

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