Can an Administrative Lawyer Help You?

Can an Administrative Lawyer Help You | Lawyer Referral Service of Central TexasDefined as a branch of public law, administrative law is the kind of law that governs the organizational processes of government agencies. It is a broad term that covers various areas of law. An attorney who practices administrative law seeks to regulate the operations of the government. The lawyer can represent the public where they give advice to a town council or the office of the sheriff. They can also represent private individuals especially when the client seeks to make a claim against an agency.

What an Administrative Lawyer Does

An administrative lawyer is tasked with various duties that vary depending on the nature of the case at hand or the agency they are dealing with. Some of the duties that an administrative lawyer can do include:

Advising Agency Leaders

Administrative lawyers guide high profile agencies within the government, like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), when they are making rules and regulations. The administrative lawyer advises them on how the rules they seek to make will affect the public. 

Writing Laws 

The administrative lawyer also writes policies and procedures that will determine how agencies will operate. The lawyer also drafts motions used before a court. Administrative lawyers work with the U.S. Congress at a federal level and state representatives at a state level. There are also town councils and county commissions that can create these rules. 

Representing Their Agencies 

When an agency is taken to court, the administrative lawyer represents them during a hearing. These hearings are usually taken outside courts in meetings referred to as administrative hearings. For example, in the event you believe the EPA has set an unfair regulation on your trucking business, the EPA’s internal administrative lawyer would represent them at the administrative hearing.

Claims Evaluation 

When the public makes a claim directly to an agency, it is the task of the administrative lawyer to evaluate that claim. They can weigh the truth about the claim and the risks involved when a certain decision is made. State unemployment offices are an example of this. 

Enforcement of Regulations 

When government agencies make regulations and policies, sometimes these rules are broken. It becomes the responsibility of the administrative attorney to bring charges of violations and ensure the said regulations are enforced. At the federal level, this is the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, or Department of Homeland Security. 

Judging Administrative Cases 

In matters where an agency has come up with procedures that need a hearing, an administrative judge, who in most cases is an administrative lawyer, listens. The administrative lawyer looks at the evidence presented and determines the outcome of the hearing.

How Can We Help You?

Having looked at what an administrative lawyer does, let us see if you need one. The most common cases that may prompt you to seek this lawyer are if certain government regulations are affecting your business or trade. If you have been denied a business license, a professional license, or you are facing charges from a government agency for violating federal regulations, we can refer you to an administrative lawyer.

Contact us to find the best lawyers near you in Austin, TX. We are a legal referral service that will help you find a qualified Texas lawyer that can advise you accordingly. If you have been denied a license or are dealing with a government agency, we can help you find a Texas attorney that may represent you. Our Austin attorneys have been pre-screened and have an average of 10 years’ experience. Most administrative cases take place in Austin, TX— let us help you navigate through the legal system and connect you to a local lawyer. To find out more about the Lawyer Referral Service of Central Texas, visit our website at

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