What the Caravan Means for Current Immigrants

What the Caravan Means for Current Immigrants | Austin LRSIf you are a current immigrant and have been through repeated frustration while trying to secure a place in the US following the caravan migration, you can testify that the process is very complicated. For this reason, you need an immigration lawyer in every legal step you make. Here are some of the processes that require the services of an immigration lawyer.

When Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer?

Assistance with deportation notifications

An attorney who can advise you on what to do when in the circumstance of deportation. They will review your current status and any possible status you may qualify for.

Green card applications and their illegibility

Getting a green card may not need a lawyer’s assistance, however, working with an attorney can ease the process based on the fact that there is a caravan migration. Avoid scammers who call themselves ‘visa facilitators’ or ‘notarios’ and cannot represent you in court when the need arises. To get assistance, search for an Austin, TX lawyer through LRS to book yourself a consultation on immigration.

Application Denial for Green Cards and Citizenship

Have you been denied an application for citizenship or a green card? Relax, that is not the end of your case. An immigration attorney will assist you in reapplication. Often denial occurs because of miscommunication, failure of English tests, or absent documents.

Criminal Offenses

There are a number of crimes that can cut your stay in the US: moral wickedness, deceiving on a visa, and speeding away from a migration checkpoint are among them. Everybody makes mistakes so do not worry we have the best criminal defense lawyers for your situation, with our help you may be eligible for staying in the US.

Moving to the U.S. for a job

Have you got a job in the US or hired a foreign employee? It is so exciting, but it requires a lot of legal work. Therefore, working with a law firm whose pleasure is seeing you succeed is incredibly useful. Our team of lawyers is ready to help you.

Applying for an Investment-Based Green Card

If you are interested in investing in the US, it is important you exploit the benefit of moving with your spouse and your unmarried children aged under 21 years. Call LRS to book an immigration attorney to guide you through the application and to facilitate the whole process.

Peace of Mind

Getting a chance to talk to someone who knows what you are going through and is able to answer your questions is very satisfying. Our attorneys are aware of the challenges faced with the caravan migration. Therefore, they can be with you in your worries. In fact, that is what they do best ‘wearing the shoe of those who look up to them’.

How to Proceed

If you are an immigrant who needs to talk to a lawyer in Austin, Texas or the surrounding area, it is important you take note of the following in your undertaking:

  • Make sure you choose a reliable lawyer. Errors on paperwork can cause adverse consequences when handled in an improper way. Beware of scammers who pretend to be helping but their main aim is exploiting you!
  • Contact our office at Lawyer Referral Service of Central Texas. We have a fluent team who are specialized in counseling and can give your relocation needs personalized attention.
  • A consult fee of only $20 for up to 30-minutes with the migration lawyer is a phone call away.

How to Contact Lawyer Referral Services in Austin, Texas?

Reach out to the LRS intake staff to assist you in getting an immigration attorney in the Austin area. Simply fill out our online contact form or call us at (512) 472-8303. If you are outside Austin, TX, you can still reach us by calling the toll- free line at 866-303-8303.

We operate from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

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